My Organisation Is Racv Car Insurance I Have Provided With The Sample Report The Fin 2835361

My organisation is RACV car insurance. I have provided with the sample report. The final report should not be copied from the sample itself. The structure of the final report should that be like sample and also the theory in it. Document Preview:

DESIGN GROUP REPORT ISYS90081 Organisational Processes Due: Before 12 midnight Friday of Week 12 of semester. Worth: 15% of subject total mark Length: 2000 words in total (with diagrams counting as equivalent to 200 words) Each group to submit ONE copy of the Report through LMS (choose one person to submit) The report will be assessed on the following criteria: Correct and creative execution of tasks; Clarity and coherence of explanation and arguments; Quality of design in emphasising the most important aspects; Appropriate application of the theory of organisations and organisational processes INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING SECTIONS IN YOUR REPORT Executive Summary (200 words) * A paragraph that describes what is in your report and why it is significant. The organization, the target process and the design approach (300 words) * One sentence on the organisation and the target process. * Describe your overall approach to redesign. To what extent was it incremental improvement, radical redesign, or extension of the existing process (or some combination). Chosen Redesign principles (600 words) * Identify the THREE redesign principles (or clusters) that you have used to guide your design (one from each of the three groups of principles A, B and C). * Explain how each principle has been applied to your target process and described its effects in terms of the the ‘devil’s quadrangle’. Refer to the Figures (DFD and BPMN) presented in later sections where appropriate. * Assess the benefits and risks associated with using each principle. Proposed change(s) (400 words) * Specify up to FIVE changes to your target process. Describe each of your recommended changes to the target process. These may include the following: changes to technology, changes to the roles held by staff, changes to the organisation of work, changes to the tasks carried, changes to the information recorded or used. If you have extended the process, a change would be a…