Net Present Value Npv Examines Financial Performance In Absolute Terms How Does This 3627717

1. Net Present Value (NPV) examines financial performance in absolute terms. How does this differ from Benefit/Cost Ratios and Internal Rate of Return (IRR)? 2. Net Present Value requires the computation of a discount rate. Discuss the challenges this presents to an organization. 3. What is the fundamental premise of Benefit/Cost Analysis? What is the value of this analysis? What are some of the risks?
CASE STUDY: Building a Wind powered electrical generating plant
Integration of wind generation into a wholesale power supply portfolio requires a proper balance between the operating characteristics of base load generation, power purchase agreement flexibility and cost of service objectives. Purchasing or generating wind power has an associated expense that must be addressed as the wholesale power supplier meets its obligation to supply a reliable, affordable and balanced supply of wholesale electric energy and related services to its member systems. The integration of wind generation into a power supply portfolio can be challenging and the “all in” costs associated with this resource must be objectively considered in order to accurately reflect the contribution this resource will make to supply portfolio pricing.