Discussion Question 1 The Flourishing Of Online Learning Please Respond To The F

Discussion question 1

 “The Flourishing of Online Learning”   Please respond to the following:

  • Describe how Internet technology to support instruction and learning has changed during your life as a student (include K-12 and college). Discuss your personal views of these changes. 
  • Predict at least two ways technology might be used in instruction and learning in the next 10years.

Discussion Question 2

 Recommending e-Learning”   Please respond to the following:

  • Assume that your supervisor has asked you to propose some ways to deliver your organization’s classroom courses (or training modules) to its students more effectively and reach more students than classroom delivery does. Recommend three ways to use computer, mobile, and Internet technology to deliver your organization’s courses to its students. Provide a rationale for your recommendations. 
  • Speculate on any barriers or challenges your target student population might encounter with taking classes via the ways you recommended. Propose ways the organization might be able to mitigate these challenges.